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Get-ADInfo Powershell Module

With the competition season mostly over, I've been able to spend some time catching up on write-ups, classwork, and projects. I'm also able to start releasing the materials I created for my team this year. Starting with Get-ADInfo, the first (sort of) Powershell module I've created. You can find it here . Additionally, you can also find it on my GitHub . Module Information Get-ADInfo is a module that was created to help facilitate Active Directory object enumeration. I spent a lot of time last year developing security tools for Windows servers, but I hadn't really done anything neat with basic enumeration stuff. So I wanted to create some enumeration tools for our Windows people this year. Get-ADInfo was the first tool I started working on, and probably the one that turned out the best, as I was quickly overwhelmed with relearning bash and some of the more advanced Linux skills I had forgotten after focusing o