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Vynae is now fully released and will likely not be receiving major feature updates to the CLI version. There is a GUI that is still catching up to the CLI version, but new features are not likely to be added (never say never though). This post will go through the original idea behind Vynae, as well as the challenges and process of its development. Vynae can be found here  and is completely open source and available for anyone to use.  Origin and CLI version Vynae has a somewhat interesting history. It started as a small script that traced Parent Process IDs and pulled network information from processes. I needed a solution that was quick and dirty to help me document a CobaltStrike beacon I had found during the CCDC regional competition. Originally, Vynae looked something like this and was called PIDHUNTER, because it only found information on given processes.  After the competition, I wrote it into something a little nicer than the mess I used in the competition, and I created the ver

CCDC 2022-23 Log #1

We've recently had our first CCDC meeting for the year. A small informational for interested students. It went well, we seem to have some good candidates already popping up. It's still too early to tell if they'll stick it out, but I'm hopeful we'll have a good team this year.  I'm planning on doing semi-regular updates on our team this year, mainly covering my perspective as co-captain and as a mentor. I'm also planning on dropping some of the tools and labs I'm creating for our team and my masters capstone. The first set of labs covers active directory configuration and object management. After finishing those, I'll work on labs for Linux incident response and systems hardening. I'm lucky to be in a position where my university has allowed me to use these labs to meet the capstone requirement, so long as I allow them to use the labs in undergrad courses. I'll also be releasing and updating my CCDC toolset for Windows servers and doing some