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Using Zerologon to exploit and dump credentials from a Windows 2012 AD server

EDIT: Related video made for a class The CCDC qualifiers are over now, and my team got 1st! That being said, towards the end of the day, we noticed a lot of suspicious traffic coming to the AD box. While I couldn't figure it out during the competition, it turns out that the red team had been using the zerologon exploit . After we got back, I wanted to learn the ins and outs of this exploit in order to prevent myself from getting hit with it again at the next competition. Turns out, it's relatively easy to set up and execute using Impacket and Risksense' zerologon script.   For the testing environment, I have a Windows lab consisting of a 2012 AD, 2019 Email server, 2016 Docker/Hyper-V box, and Windows 10 and 7 machines. This setup is for CCDC prep and is designed to mirror the environments and machines used in the competition. I also have a kali box running on the same network as the Windows machines. This is what staged the attacks on the 2012 AD server.   To begin with,