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Vynae - process exploration in PowerShell

Vynae can be found on my GitHub . Vynae is a fleshed-out version of the original project, PidHunter. PidHunter was written for use in the Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition for tracing process IDs and gathering simple information about processes running in Windows Server environments. It started as a lightweight script that could be deployed on multiple servers and return consistent results. Mainly, it was used to detect Crowd Strike beacons after we discovered one of our servers had a beacon running on it. I wanted a way to pull up process and network information on the fly without needing to run multiple commands or tools. As such, it was hyper-specific to the situation I was in. While I originally tried to expand PidHunter to be useful in normal operations, it never really took off and was abandoned. Cue summer semester 2022 where I found I had a good amount of extra time before classes started in earnest. I needed to take a break from some other projects, and as I'm takin